Loaves and Fishes

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 – 3:00pm in the undercroft at Christ Church Cathedral

Worthington Shelter

Mondays 1-3pm at The Worthington Street Shelter Kitchen – coming soon

3rd Annual Phoenix Art Show and Sale

The 3rd annual Phoenix Art Show and Sale was an incredible success showcasing over 120 pieces of new work, hosting an estimated 150 – 200 guests, selling 28 pieces of art (doubled from last year), and making a few hundred dollars to help offset the cost of the project. ABC 40 and NBC 22 both came down, extending the range at which the artists’ faces and voices could be seen and heard through out our region. The Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen was transformed into an expanded Pulse cafe and gallery complimented by a delicious evening meal and professional service by Robbins Catering. The cafe hosted this years concert which featured Caren McCenzie’s debut spoken word performance, followed by the internationally published Bizz Zoc 7, and headlined by a lively and uplifting performance from Soft Spoken Prophet. Again the show has mounted further synergy to carry us into another year of significant growth. Thank you to the Springfield Cultural Council, Nehemiah Ministries Inc., and the many, many volunteers, crafters, performers, and others who made this event and its success possible.